In this personal project I created a series of one minute videos capturing the cycling adventures of me and my friends as diary entries in my memories.

"I forget things. Things that matter. To me. Memories of Japan. Memories of Norway. Memories of Thailand. Riding together. I forget things. Things in the past. There is a future. Riding together again."

Browse through the eleven diary entries below.

Cast: Mr. Quest (tabby cat), Dr. Pixel (maltese cat), Kasper Voogt, Eli Voogt, Rebecca Clements, Tanja van Bokhoven, Jason de Puit, Carson George, Marie-Louise Fitzgerald, Tom Crowle, Theo Bridge, Sam Daw, Carlos Chavez, Eduard Willems, Joel Lidden, Adam Flemming, Andy van Bergen and many more.
Production: Adam Lana @ Curve Cycling and Kasper Voogt