In this personal project I followed the crew from Kings Cross Track Club. A group of runners in Sydney, Australia. A community of like-minded people. Living their values. And sharing their experiences.

"King Cross Track Club started in 2015 in Sydney by Andy and Michael. They wanted to create a community that is about running, but also about everything else.

The running community is the way that we can make an impact as a large group. As a well connected group of people. We can actually have a big impact on the issues we care about.

I think there was something pretty amazing about running in a new place. Seeing the city on foot. Running sort of opened up that city for me in a different way. It just clicked."

- Ben Dwyer | Kings Cross Track Club

Discover and experience Kings Cross Track Club in this short cinematic running film below.

A special thanks to Ben Dwyer and the crews from Kings Cross Track Club and Turbo Runners. And Kevin Rusterholz and Wiebke Kasper from What The Crew! and Utrecht Running Project for offering a voice to the running crews around the world. And a shout out to the analog and digital print of Long Distance and Tempo Journal for serving some inspiration in the articles on Kings Cross Track Club.

Cast: Ben Dwyer @ Kings Cross Track Club and Kevin Rusterholz & Wiebke Kasper @ What The Crew! | Utrecht Running Project
Production: Kasper Voogt