In this personal project inspired by the Rapha RIDES series I re-created the sensory experience of cycling in a city. In this case Sydney, stylised as /ˈsɪdni/ based on the International Phonetic Alphabet in a combination of sans-serif and serif typefaces to emphasise the textures, sights and sounds we experience.​​​​​​​

“Cycling in cities of car-centric countries is still a challenge. And Sydney is no exception. As a cyclist you always have to fight for your position, because the majority around you consider it a race. But once you turn left or right, away from other one’s race, this is where it gets interesting.

What Sydney has shown me, apart from the impressive icons like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, is that all of the things I haven’t explored and experienced in this city are a reason to get out there. And with my bike is the best way to do that."​​​​​​​

- Kasper Voogt

Explore and experience Sydney in this short cinematic cycling film below.

Cast: Mr. Quest (tabby cat), Dr. Pixel (maltese cat) and Kasper Voogt
Production: Kasper Voogt